Darjeeling Tour: All You Need To Know About This Indian Hill Station

Darjeeling’s origins go back to 1859 when the Government of India decided to set up a military cantonment here in preparation for the Second Opium War against the British, and also as a military training center. The Gorkhas, the Nepali people, who already called Darjeeling home, established a strong trade presence in the area during the 18th century. The first tea garden was set up in 1785, and then the Raja of Sikkim made a treaty with the East India Company to establish an assembly in the region so that trade routes could be reestablished.

Darjeeling’s status in British politics remained questionable for quite some time. In 1857, the Indian rebellion came into force. On the 18th of June, British troops marched into Darjeeling and subsequently burnt it down.


What to do in Darjeeling?

Darjeeling is famous for its scenic views, cultural heritage, and natural beauty, with Darjeeling Tea Parks being the main attraction. It is one of the most visited and most preferred tourist destinations in the world for both domestic and international tourists. It is a beautiful mountain town of three ranges and is popular for its tea gardens. Here are some of the best places to visit in Darjeeling:

Tiger Hill

The epitome of peace and serenity, Tiger Hill is by using a long way the maximum stunning region to be able to get a breathtaking view of the mountains Everest and Kanchenjunga. It’s also declared to be a UNESCO global history web page due to its lovely place at the summit of Ghoom, which is the highest railway station within the Himalayan Railway. Not only is it beautiful, but it also has the power to make you feel at peace as the wind hits your face and you look out to the vast scenery. Its surreal beauty makes it one of the first-class locations to visit in Darjeeling, and is likewise one of the well-known Darjeeling tourist spots!

Darjeeling Tour

Batasia Loop

One of the most attractive places to visit in Darjeeling, Batasia Loop gives you an excellent panoramic view of Darjeeling and Kanchenjunga’s scintillating snow-capped peaks. Considered an architectural and engineering masterpiece, the Batasia loop is a British advent, meant to assist them to work their way thru a 140 feet fall. Residing as much as its name, the Batasia loop lets in a totally practical view, as well as lets in trains to without problems, circumnavigate their way across the slope. Cross beforehand, and place your head within the clouds in this Darjeeling traveler spot and permit nature to take you on an excursion.

Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park

If you are interested in the natural world and desire to grow to be one with nature, the Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park is the spot for you. This zoo is home to some of the biggest populations of Snow Leopards, crimson Pandas, and animals with which you’d without a doubt need to get close and personal. The Padmaja Naidu Park covers nearly 60 acres of land. Given this vast expanse, it is simplest herbal that the zoo boasts of numerous flora and fauna, which is commonly found at excessive altitudes. One such vicinity, that you must truly now not omit at the same time as playing your Darjeeling sightseeing.

Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park

Ghoom Monastery

Ghoom Monastery Darjeeling

Vibrant colorations, wealthy records, and one of the maximum soothing Darjeeling traveler spots, the Ghoom Monastery is one of all Darjeeling’s oldest temples. Additionally recognized through its Tibetan name – Yiga Choeling, the Ghoom Monastery is home to a 15 feet Buddha statue that is a product of gold. In the middle of his eyebrows, lies a gem that’s believed to be a diamond. The view of the gem glowing and sparkling a few of the mild of the butter lamps makes this an ought to-go to tourist spot in Darjeeling.

Rock Garden Darjeeling

If Darjeeling has to be recognized for something man-made, it’s far the Rock lawn. One of the most famous Darjeeling traveler spots, this guy-made lawn is made totally of rocks, splattered with flowers, fauna, waterfalls, and bridges. Whole with a huge form of sports for families to experience this visitor vacation spot at Darjeeling. Lose yourself as you stroll absent-mindedly in this scenic man-made structure that’s one of the first-class locations to go to in Darjeeling.

Rock Garden Darjeeling


Hidden away around the place of the West Bengal-Sikkim border, Tinchuley is a hidden village whose beauty can simplest be explained with the aid of experiencing it first-hand. Place inside the lap of nature, Tinchuley is one of the best places to visit in Darjeeling. You can choose to go for a walk via the stunning green wooded area or dip your ft inside the cool waters of the Teesta. Tinchuley additionally provides a beautiful view of Mt. Kanchenjunga, it is taken into consideration to be one of the first-rate tourist places in Darjeeling and is an ought to-visit traveler spot in Darjeeling


How to reach Darjeeling from Kolkata

The cheapest way to reach from Kolkata to Darjeeling is by train to New Jalpaiguri Jn, then cab to Darjeeling. The quickest manner to reach from Kolkata to Darjeeling is a flight to Bagdogra Airport, then a cab to Darjeeling and takes 4h 45m. The advocated way to reach from Kolkata to Darjeeling is a flight to Bagdogra Airport, then a cab to Darjeeling and takes 4h 45m.