Sundarbans Land of royal bengal tiger

Sundarbans – The Beautiful Forest in West Bengal

West  Bengal, India, Kolkata, a historic Indian city which is also the capital of the state – West Bengal This city, its people, culture, and moral values are still intact, like old times.

UNESCO world heritage site Sundarbans has situated 100 km from Kolkata. Sundarbans are amongst the biggest forest in the entire world. Today we will tell you about Sundarbans, their ecosystem & their people. In the local Bengali language “Sundar” means Beautiful and “Ban” means Jungle/ Forest. You can expect a really beautiful forest once you visit Sundarbans.

Sundarbans mangroves are formed due to a delta formed in the Bay of Bengal by the Ganga, Brahmaputra & Meghna rivers. Sundarbans are famous for their rich flora & fauna over 300 species of plants and wildlife are found here, which is unbelievable and extraordinary.

There are many stories of dangerous wildlife and man-eater tigers, this place is not habitable for humans in a total of 102 islands of Sundarbans 54 islands are occupied by 5 million humans, and the remaining 48 islands are protected by Man-eater tigers! we are going to one such island called “pakirola” which is inhabited by humans.”Pakirola is also called as Island of the birds.

The main occupation of people that live here is Farming, fishing & honey collection. Whoever lives here, is dependent on the forest humans or animals, both leads a difficult here it’s difficult to survive here. Availability of food is a problem here. Sweet water is scarce, most of the water is saline here and humans have to adapt to the situation.

From the outside, Sundarbans is full of natural beauty but it’s dangerous to another level from the tigers must be mentioned when Sundarbans are talked about. If you are on a boat and passing through the delta there are chances that you may be lucky to see a tiger roaming at the banks of the river roaming around.

Tiger species, Royal Bengal Tigers are found here. Everyone living here has some stories of these man-eater tigers. They kill nearly 50 people every year in Sundarbans & the fear of being attacked by a tiger is visible in the eyes of people residing here.

All these years tigers have adapted to live in mangroves & saline water, not just humans, tigers too have to evolve with time due to constant deforestation, animal & tigers living in mangroves are forced to attack humans living in nearby villages. Villagers living here say, these tigers are fond of salinity hence they kill humans let me tell you something, on one bank of the river is forest, where tigers live on the other side are villages where humans live.

It has been found that tigers, on a low tide day take just 4 minutes to cross the river & attack the villagers. Can you imagine, death is just 4 minutes away for the villagers here. The main occupation of people living here is related to the forest for example “Honey Collection” one of the most important occupations over here. You read it right about the honey, honey extracted from Sundarbans is world-famous.